Cheekiemunkie.com was born from the demand of people not wanting to be PC and part of the system. However, still wanting to be able to wear stylish clothing which states how they feel, while not caring about what other people think.

We now have two designs, Cheekiemunkie our main flagship range, and also Funkiemunkie its little brother, the more tamer and less offensive range.

Cheekiemunkie for those who want to wear a stylish range of T-shirts and hoodies, while making a bold statement at the same time. So, if you don't get offended by swearing, and like to happily wear whatever without worrying about it - then the  Cheekiemunkie range is the perfect choice. For those that don't give 'no f*cks' as to what anyone thinks.

Funkiemunkie will appeal to those that want to wear the stylish Cheekiemunkie clothing line but may have to tone down a little for work, or for those who are younger and want to wear a toned down range at school without causing offence. The logo for the Funkiemunkie range features a thumbs up from the funkiemunkie, instead of the index fingers that appear in the cheekiemunkie range. The main word used is FUNK, so this funkie range will ensure you stay funkie and look awesome.

So go on, be as funkie or as cheekie as you like. Look awesome, feel awesome and be a cheekiemunkie or a funkiemunkie.